Parenthood the Swedish Way a science based guide to pregnancy, birth, and infancy
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Descirption: Swedes are some of the world's happiest people, and their children are no exception. Parenthood the Swedish Way will help you and your family embrace the Scandi style of childrearing: practical, egalitarian, and free from outdated myths.
Expectant parents will be relieved to hear: Put away the vacuum - dust does not lead to allergy. Breastfeeding protects against allergies? Never has done, never will do. Stop boiling bottles and pacifiers - sterilising is unnecessary in most industrial countries. Think you shouldn't drink alcohol when breastfeeding? Plain moralism.
Dr Agnes Wold has been named Sweden's Woman of the Year for her tireless work in women's health. Paediatrician Cecilia Chrapkoka runs the country's most popular parenting blog and is a specialist on vaccinations. Together they present cutting-edge research from around the world which can guide you to make better parenting choices. Drawing on Sweden's famously generous...

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