Agile and Business Analysis (EPUB)
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Descirption: Agile is an iterative approach to software development that has rapidly gained popularity in the IT industry as the preferred alternative to traditional project management. For business analysts, adopting an Agile approach can revolutionize working practices. It enables clearer vision and success measure definitions, better stakeholder engagement and a greater understanding of customer needs, amongst other benefits. This book provides a comprehensive introduction to Agile methodologies and explains these in the context of business analysis. It is ideal for business analysts wanting to learn and understand Agile practices, working in an Agile environment, or undertaking Agile certifications. --''This book is invaluable to anyone undertaking agile analysis, illustrating that by using new techniques to supplement and extend the BA toolkit, and adopting a "just enough, just in time" philosophy, a truly agile delivery approach can be supported.'' Dr Terri Lydiard, Teal Business Solutions Ltd --- ''The complex world of Agile made relevant for BAs. Combines well-explained theory with wide-ranging practical application and offers an essential handbook for anyone involved in the Agile project world. A valuable addition to the BA toolkit.'' Sandra Leek, Lloyds Banking Group, Senior Lead Business Analyst and IIBA Business Analyst of the Year 2014 --- ''I have never understood those in the Agile community that have insisted that there is no need for an analyst role in the context of Agile projects. The project team needs access to first-hand business knowledge, combined with empowered and timely decision making but if the business representatives don't have the experience or skills to translate their contribution to the project team, then the project will suffer. With this book, Lynda and Debra bridge this gap and help not only the business but also the Agile community, to understand why the gap exists, what can be done to address it, which existing roles can help, and how existing Agile roles and practices contribute to the solution. I highly recommend it.'' Julian Holmes, Thought Works, Principal Consultant

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