Marcus A Desdin County Romance - Skylar Platt
epub | 89.06 KB | English | Isbn:B083VY4CYQ | Author: Skylar Platt | PAge: 50 | Year: 2020


Worlds were going to be rocked, especially my own. She's my boss's daughter. My boss who happens to be the sheriff and a royal pain in my ass. We've spent years developing a working relationship as the one thing we had in common was taking care of Desdin County and its Cheyenne people.

That was the only thing Wesley Lancaster and I had in common, until his drunk daughter needed a ride home one night and I found myself more than willing to do the honors.

And now I find myself at odds with Wesley Lancaster again, but we both just want the same make Cassidy happy.

A Desdin County Romance set in the modern West. This is the first in the Desdin County Romance Series. A sweet sexy forbidden romance with a feisty redhead and a Native American deputy willing to give up everything for her.

HEA guaranteed!

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