Marshal Law - Adam D Jones
epub | 694.04 KB | English | Isbn:B07ZMS2R44 | Author: Adam D Jones | PAge: 322 | Year: 2019


From the creator of THE LOST LEGENDS, an epic tale of three renegades trapped in a hopeless war, and the ancient secret that will help them change the world!

Years ago, a Republic soldier named Marshal received unthinkable orders. Unwilling to take part in a genocide, he fled his military career and built a quiet life on the frontier. But when Republic sandships appeared on the horizon, bringing violence to the edges of the continent, Marshal realized his battle had only begun.

Marshal vows to stop the Republic's war and finds help from an unlikely pair: Dawn, a turncoat scientist willing to expose the Republic's secrets, and Raine, a youth who carries knowledge of a powerful, ancient mystery.

But their efforts attract the attention of the Republic's fanatical leader, a shrouded figure known only as The Sovereign. As war overshadows the frontier, Marshal, Dawn, and Raine, along with a ragtag resistance group known as the Corsairs, begin a desperate stand against the Sovereign and his wicked machines.

Fans of Stephen King's THE DARK TOWER series and Brandon Sanderson's ALLOY OF LAW will enjoy getting lost in this steampunk fantasy adventure.

"Fast-paced and enthralling story with unforgettable characters." Eric Warren, author of the Infinity's End series.

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