Maxine of the Wasteland - A Post Apocalyptic Erotic Novel
epub | 2.48 MB | English | Isbn:B00PCXT8QC | Author: Hawkes, Callista | PAge: 140 | Year: 2014


Maxine of the Wasteland: A Post Apocalyptic Erotic Novel

A heady mix of erotica and post-apocalyptic action, Maxine of the Wasteland is the 38,000+ word story of a feisty, red headed road warrior, whose beauty is only surpassed by her skill with a crossbow and razor sharp tongue.

Set a few years after a war has devastated the Earth, the survivors either cling to the shreds of civilisation in wild shantytown settlements or maraud the wasteland as barbaric bandits. Maxine ekes out an existence with just her turbocharged Mustang V8 and a crossbow for company, living day to day with the threat of death following her like a shadow. Determined to live each day as if it is her last, she finds herself enjoying the pleasures of the company of the men (and women) with whom she strikes up uneasy alliances. Desperate to feed her raging libido, Maxine finds herself enjoying the attentions of a mysterious and enigmatic stranger, a roguishly charming Wastelander, the barbaric leader of a bandit horde and a young and beautiful blonde woman, whose loyalties are... flexible.

Each of the eleven chapters is filled with high-octane excitement and erotic action, featuring sexually explicit scenes which are suitable for Adults (18+) only.

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