Meeting in the Rain (Gay Werewolf Shifter Erotic Romance)
epub | 129.12 KB | English | Isbn:B00P33UCL6 | Author: Ashmore, Alex | PAge: 30 | Year: 2014


A pleasant walk in the woods turns awry for David when a thunderstorm starts up and he loses his path back home-and that's the least of his troubles when a white wolf starts chasing him down until he's trapped inside a cave with it! But right before his very eyes, the wolf transforms into a man, an incredibly hot, muscular, ripped man named Kai. It's an unexpected encounter, but things heat up as they indulge themselves in the company of each other and start bonding as the rain rages on.

Meeting in the Rain is a sexy gay erotic short of two men meeting and striking up a hot relationship. It contains hot, steamy adult scenes with human knotting, mentions of male pregnancy, and much more!

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