The Elements of Pizza - Ken Forkish
epub | 131.93 MB | English | Isbn:160774838X |
Author: Ken Forkish | PAge: 255 | Year: 2016


good pizza is magic.
Something indescribably wonderful happens when you combine crust, tomato, and cheese and bake them to melted perfection. In this highly anticipated cookbook, Ken Forkish-owner of the beloved restaurant Ken's Artisan Pizza in Portland, Oregon; the James Beard and IACP Award-winning author of Flour Water Salt Yeast; and one of the most trusted baking authorities in the country-proves that amazing pizza is within reach of any home cook.
The Elements of Pizza breaks down each step of the pizza-making process, from choosing a dough to shaping your pie to selecting cheeses and toppings that will work for your home kitchen setup. Forkish offers more than a dozen different dough recipes-same-day "Saturday doughs" that you can make in the morning to bake pizza that night, levain doughs made from a naturally fermented yeast starter, and even gluten-free dough-each of which results in the best, most texturally sublime...
Category:Pizza Making, Italian Cooking, Pizza Baking

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