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Forum Rules
General Rules

by prioritizing the freedom of speech and creativity

Use this forum facilities on your own responsibilities

The site owner and host server is not liable for any harm occuring

If you disagree please do not use this service


All users of topfiles forum is bound to read these rules of ethics in this forum in order to maintain the supportive and peacefulnes of this forum and to all members, which is our commitment

Rules :

1. Every user is Only allowed to have one ID

2. topfiles Forum is a free forum ( you may speak anything for your existence) unless about Race and Religion, or damaging this forum

3. We are open to anyone qualified for certain topic, to be a moderator and guide the other members

4. It is greatly prohobited to scam other members, please report immediately

5. For any members it is suggested to help maintain this forum so that all the members could do transaction, assist one another freely

6. For members who possses the internet security skill, please help us to secure this simple forum

7. It is not allowed to lend ID to one and another for whatever reasons

8. All in all everybody is allowed to use this forum for the purpose of : Business, Making friends, Learning and others for good purpose

9. All sellers in this forum shall provide their mobile numbers so that other members can SMS them to make a better communication

10 These Rules are bound and it shall be changed without notice for the best purpose of all our members

11. No Spamming

12. Do not make and paste and share for ilegal things in this forum, such as paste for stolen credit card details, any software with copyright protected, etc

For those who break the rules shall be remoted by other users or expelled as a Forum user

For breaking above rules you may be warned/banned appropriately!

 I have read, and agree to abide by the rules.