epub | 426.88 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B09XM6R47N | Author: Jamie Jammer | Year: 2022


*Disclaimer: This book is completely self-published. That being said, there are grammar errors that I may have missed, editors are very expensive lol.*

Rydell is trying to get by. Suffering from panic attacks takes a tole on her life, but she's getting through it as best she can. She's a computer science major at Daxton U, and is about to be the co-creator of a video game to help kids with behavioral disabilities. She is busy, determined, and there's no time for distraction.
Scott is loved by everyone, except maybe his parents. Captain of Daxton U's hockey team, and a shoe-in for the big leagues, he knows exactly what he wants, and he won't let anything get in the way of that. So when he fails Spanish and is facing the possibility of being a seat warmer for the season, he finds a solution- Rydell Rivens.
trigger warnings: mentions of sexual abuse, and anxiety
Category:Sports Romance, Sports Romance, New Adult & College Romance

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