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Sadie & Conner's story.

She's working hard to get her life on track. She doesn't have room for distractions or setbacks. Especially the kind that include her brother's best friend.

It's no secret that Sadie Evans is the black sheep of her family. The sassy drama queen who's less reliable than the weather forecast. When she decides to move back to her hometown and focus on becoming a better person, she expects an uphill battle.

Which includes her oldest brother's complete lack of faith that she's made any improvement. All he cares about is that Sadie stays away from his best friend, Conner. Which would be easier if the handsome veterinarian wasn't invited to every family dinner.

Oh, and if she could get rid of this stupid crush on him.

After the end to a turbulent relationship, Conner Michaelson leaps at the chance to take over for a retiring veterinarian in Sunset Ridge, Alaska. Working side by side with his best friend in a small town promises fulfillment he never found in the city. The opportunity is everything he'd hoped it'd be.

Except, he didn't expect to fall for his best friend's little sister, Sadie.

There's a rift between the siblings that he shouldn't care about but can't seem to stop obsessing over. And if he can't leave it, or his feelings for Sadie, alone, it just might cost him everything.

Perfectly Moosematched is the delightful book in the Sunset Ridge Sweet Romance series. If you like clean-and-wholesome stories, all the feels, and match-making moose, then you'll adore Jacqueline Winters's tug on the heartstrings.

Heat Level: Sweet/Mild

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Hooked on You
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