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Learn to create professional vector character illustrations

What you'll learn
Advanced vector art techniques in Adobe Illustrator
Producing vector artwork that can be used both on web, print and animation
Creating character illustrations ready to be sold as stock assets
Coming up with and sketching unique and engaging characters
Principles of character illustration and creating engaging characters

Adobe Illustrator CC
Hand drawing skill is beneficial
Pen Tablet is useful to have

Do you want to learn how to create professional vector illustrations using Adobe Illustrator and having fun at the same time? Then this course is perfect for you!We will be working on three character illustration projects, covering the whole workflow each time from the initial sketches to the fully fledged vector drawings to give you insight into each step of the creative process. As the title of the course suggests these characters will be fun and quirky monsters. You will be able to use the sketches, colours, and elements included with the course and follow along the videos to recreate each artwork OR you can use the techniques demonstrated to create your own versions of these characters and let your imagination run wild.Don't worry if you have no experience in character art as the first long chapter of this course covers all the important techniques and concepts used by illustrators to create engaging characters. This course is best suited for anyone who already has a basic understanding of working with Adobe Illustrator as we are going to use advanced techniques like shading with Gradient Meshes, adding texture effects, using Clipping Masks and CC 2019 new features like Freeform Gradients and Global Edit. If you are new to working with Adobe Illustrator I would recommend to start with my Illustrator CC MasterClass before diving into the mysterious and fascinating world of monsters.You will need Adobe Illustrator to follow along the course, ideally the latest Creative Cloud version, but not older than CC 2015 as we will be working with many newly introduced features. A pen tablet can be useful for taking this course, but it is not necessary. You will be able to finish all the projects without any issues by using a mouse.If you have what it takes to face these monstrous projects you should enroll now and start learning today!

Section 1: Principles of Character Illustration
Lecture 1 Telling a story
Lecture 2 Shapes
Lecture 3 Silhouettes
Lecture 4 Proportions and exaggeration
Lecture 5 Expressions
Lecture 6 Posture and body language
Lecture 7 Scale and perspective
Lecture 8 Colors
Lecture 9 Shading
Lecture 10 Textures and effects
Lecture 11 Finding inspiration
Section 2: Exercise Files
Section 3: Vampire
Lecture 13 Drawing
Lecture 14 Cape
Lecture 15 Coat
Lecture 16 Collar
Lecture 17 Global Edit
Lecture 18 Freeform Gradient
Lecture 19 Adding Texture to illustration
Lecture 20 Final Thoughts
Section 4: Puffy Monster
Lecture 21 Introduction
Lecture 22 Tracing setup
Lecture 23 Drawing the body
Lecture 24 Drawing limbs
Lecture 25 Using Gradients to define forms
Lecture 26 Drawing the spikes
Lecture 27 Adding more gradients
Lecture 28 Advanced Shading with a Gradient Mesh
Lecture 29 Adding highlights
Lecture 30 Cast shadows for the spikes
Lecture 31 Using an Opacity Mask
Lecture 32 Drawing the mouth
Lecture 33 Final thoughts
Section 5: Little Reaper
Lecture 34 Introduction
Lecture 35 Drawing the scythe
Lecture 36 Drawing the cape and legs
Lecture 37 Drawing the hood
Lecture 38 Drawing the skull
Lecture 39 Drawing the arm
Lecture 40 Setting up tracing

Lecture 41 Drawing the hand
Lecture 42 Adding details to the skull
Lecture 43 Adding details to the cape
Lecture 44 Adding more details
Lecture 45 Drawing the other arm and hand
Lecture 46 The importance of sketching
Lecture 47 Initial shading
Lecture 48 Glowing eyes effect
Lecture 49 Shading eye sockets
Lecture 50 Shading the skull with Freeform Gradient
Lecture 51 Shading the nose
Lecture 52 Refining the skull
Lecture 53 Shading the teeth
Lecture 54 Shading the cape
Lecture 55 Additional shading with a Gradient Mesh
Lecture 56 More shading details on the cape
Lecture 57 Adding cast shadows
Lecture 58 Organising layers
Lecture 59 Final thoughts
Perfect for anyone who is passionate about illustration and wants to develop their skills,Anyone who wants to develop their own characters and work as Concept or Character artist,Existing illustrators who want to get more involved with character design,Those who would like to learn more about drawing in Illustrator,Graphic designers looking to extend their skills with the ability to illustrate their characters,Anyone interested in learning to get better at drawing and learning about concepts of successful character designs

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