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A Complete Guide That Will Teach You Clever Techniques To Write And Sell Articles As A Freelance Writer OR Website Owner

What you'll learn
Write Quality Content Faster
Promote Any Service Or Product Using Articles
Write Press Releases, Informational And Promotional Articles
Earn Freelance Money From Your Articles

A Text Editing Software (Word, Open Office,etc..)
A Working Internet Connection

Over 90,000 students have witnessed real-life changes as a result of taking (and acting upon) our courses. You could be next! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Would you like to learn how to craft great articles for your blog, freelance endeavor, or to drive traffic to your website? Would you like me to teach you the secrets and little known techniques to achieve this is no time at all? Can you follow the easy instructions I will lay down for you to increase your writing speed, quality and earn money?If you answered « yes » to any of the questions above, congratulations. This course is definitely for you. Let me help you! In this course, I will teach every step of the process. This course also comes with an ebook to help breeze through the course. Better yet, the learning curve for this course is very short. ·Do you need/want more visitors to your website? ·Do you have a passion for writing, and would like to turn this passion into money? ·Are you busy and want to get things done as fast as possible? ·Do you want your articles to rank higher in search engines, and be picked up by more readers than you can count? If you answered « yes » to these questions, then consider this course to be your blueprint to success. Having a great website, blog or product starts with making it look as good as possible, and beautiful prose is how you achieve this. Upon enrolling, you will get my personal help. I will answer any questions that you may have in the member's area, and I also offer Skype support if needed. I would like to remind you that my course comes with 30 days « no questions asked » money-back guarantee. You have a full month to give it a spin and try it out and if, for whatever reasons, you are unsatisfied, just ask for your refund. You take absolutely no risk! You can get started right after you have taken my course -That means TODAY! Click the "Take This Course" button now. That's your first step to becoming an expert freelancer, blogger, or article marketer. Every minute that goes by without action is one potential reader gone forever. Cheers! Antoine Lelièvre & Howard Lynch, your devoted instructors

Section 1: Writing Kickass Articles
Lecture 1 Welcome to The QualiWave Community
Lecture 2 Handbook To Go Along With The Course
Lecture 3 Finding And Using Images!
Lecture 4 Making Your Article SEO-friendly
Lecture 5 Keywords Concentration
Lecture 6 Images Description, Tags, Keywords In URL
Section 2: Writing Effective Promotional Articles
Lecture 7 Promotional Vs. Informational: Important Differences
Lecture 8 The AIDA Rule: Implement It For Better Results!
Lecture 9 Use Article Marketing For Great Success
Lecture 10 Article Marketing -Resources
Section 3: Write High Quality Articles: The Fast And Easy Way
Lecture 11 Piggyback Riding Off Great Content Creators
Lecture 12 Example Of One Of Both
Section 4: Writing Newsworthy Press Releases
Lecture 13 Writing Press Releases -Guidelines
Lecture 14 Where To Submit Your Press Release
Lecture 15 Outsourcing Press Release Submission
Section 5: Tips And Tricks For Greater Success
Lecture 16 Having A Good Biography
Lecture 17 A Good Biography: Components
Lecture 18 Platforms To Sell Your Work On

Lecture 19 Freelancing Platforms: Summary
Lecture 20 Consider Adding Infographics To Your Article!
Lecture 21 Infographics
Section 6: BONUS Material
Lecture 22 Including Sales Figures
Lecture 23 Bonus- Two Extra Tricks
Lecture 24 Including Sales Figures Infographics In Your Article!
Section 7: UPDATE and BONUSES
Lecture 25 Secret Method To Write 5 Articles An Hour
Internet Marketers Looking To Take Control Of Content Creation,Aspiring/Working Freelancers,Product Creators Who Wish To Promote In An Unusual Fashion,Bloggers

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