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Create awesome thumbnails, banners, catalogues, Instagram & Facebook Graphics, Cards, CVs, Newsletters, and more!

What you'll learn
Practical Photoshop techniques that can be immediately applied
Graphic Design skills that are frequently needed in all manner of projects
You'll create, from scratch, Facebook Ads, Instagram Posts, Youtube Thumbnails, Newsletters, CVs, Business Cards, and much more
Professional Photoshop workflows that you can immediately incorporate into your projects

Just about any version of Photoshop. Preferably Photoshop CC. CS6 is fine, but not ideal. Lightroom or Elements are not ok!
There will be a few cases where we'll use Adobe Illustrator, but just to copy-paste some resources, nothing more
You need a very BASIC understanding of Photoshop.

Please go to lecture 4 to see all the projects included in this course!Hey! I'm Chris Barin, Adobe certified Photoshop instructor, web & app designer, and entrepreneur. This course is a must for everyone that needs any type of graphics for their business or career. This is all about content creation! You'll learn how to create all sort of designs that are very much required in today's digital age: Clickable Facebook Ads;Instagram Posts that will get you tons of likes;Youtube Thumbnails that will get you clicks;Newsletters that will improve your open-rate and click-through rate;CVs (Resumes) that will get you hired or promoted;Business cards that will make a lasting impression;Logo design principles that will leave you shocked!Product Catalogue for sales agents;Indoor Banner Ads for various promotions;Beautiful Cover images for your social media profiles;... and much more!All these projects are going to be done in Photoshop, but the great thing about it is you don't need any serious experience with it. As long as you have a very basic understanding of the program, I'll teach you everything you need to know. In case you never opened Photoshop and you have no clue about it, then this course may not be for you.Important Features Included:Course workbook: use it to get up and running fast. It contains answers to most questions, detailed explanations about certain techniques shown in the videos, and much more;Live chat: my students frequently find me on our Discord group chat. This is a free program where you can chat with my fantastic community of students, ask questions, and get help fast. I'm regularly on there!All the sources files are included (PSDs): this means you can quickly replace my content with yours and use my designs without any strings attached!Facebook group: get access to a private group of over 5.000 people who regularly share their designs, insights, and comments.Photoshop is not just about manipulating photos, making waist smaller or removing acne! Through this course you'll learn how to use it like the powerful tool it is and you'll be able to supercharge your career or personal projects.About Christian BarinI'm an Adobe Certified Instructor &*Expert in Photoshop;Bestselling author on Udemy with 6 years of teaching experience and over 250.000 students;Incredible course reviews that are way above the category average as well as more minutes consumed by my students - this means my content kicks ass!MOST IMPORTANT: I'm a business owner and content creator. I constantly need high quality designs for my projects. I know what people and businesses require in today's social media age so I*created this course around those needs.

Section 1: Discover the world of Graphic Design
Lecture 1 Welcome & how to use this course
Lecture 2 Quick answers to get started
Lecture 3 Download the Course Workbook & Resources
Lecture 4 See all the course projects here
Lecture 5 First exercise - have fun with it!
Lecture 6 How to make your life easier as a designer
Lecture 7 Graphic Design - A Down-to-Earth Explanation
Lecture 8 Using Photoshop for Every Project
Lecture 9 Design Assets Explained
Lecture 10 Best sources for design assets
Lecture 11 Activity: Mix and Match Design Assets
Lecture 12 Optional - Setting up Photoshop
Lecture 13 What does it take to create beautiful graphics?
Section 2: Design a Facebook Cover Project
Lecture 14 Introduction
Lecture 15 Best Project Settings & Aspect Ratios
Lecture 16 How to create great text for your project
Lecture 17 Selecting Image Assets
Lecture 18 Arranging the Assets on the Canvas
Lecture 19 Designing the Cover
Lecture 20 Typography for the Facebook Cover
Lecture 21 Fine Tuning the Cover
Lecture 22 Conclusion
Section 3: Design a Facebook Cover Project #2
Lecture 23 Introduction
Lecture 24 Analyze your assets and options
Lecture 25 Setting the project's foundation
Lecture 26 Creating a neutral background with a noise texture
Lecture 27 Sizing up the products correctly
Lecture 28 Creating shadows for the products
Lecture 29 Fine Tuning the Cover
Lecture 30 Using vector graphics to create version 2
Lecture 31 Creative Facebook cover iteration
Section 4: Create Clickable Youtube Thumbnails
Lecture 32 The connection between YouTube thumbnails & Views
Lecture 33 The power of a mockup
Lecture 34 The Absolute best way to design YouTube Thumbnails
Lecture 35 Classic YouTube Thumbnail - Part 1
Lecture 36 Classic YouTube Thumbnail - Part 2
Lecture 37 Abstract YouTube Thumbnail - Part 1
Lecture 38 Abstract YouTube Thumbnail - Part 2
Lecture 39 Choose your own style
Lecture 40 Before and After Thumbnail
Lecture 41 Illustration-based Thumbnail - Part 1
Lecture 42 Illustration-based Thumbnail - Part 2
Lecture 43 Personal Brand Thumbnail
Lecture 44 Text Behind & In Front of you
Lecture 45 Conclusions
Section 5: Designs for Instagram
Lecture 46 Introduction
Lecture 47 Instagram Content Creation Hack
Lecture 48 Clean Product Presentation - Part 1
Lecture 49 Clean Product Presentation - Part 2
Lecture 50 Instagram Mockups - Easy!
Lecture 51 Inspirational Content - Part 1
Lecture 52 Inspirational Content - Part 2
Lecture 53 Black & White Content
Lecture 54 Food Content
Lecture 55 Personal Branding - Part 1
Lecture 56 Personal Branding - Part 2
Lecture 57 Content Striking Colors - Part 1
Lecture 58 Content Striking Colors - Part 2
Lecture 59 How to Post on Instagram from your Computer
Section 6: Designs for Facebook Ads
Lecture 60 Introduction
Lecture 61 Framing Facebook Ads & Quality Standards
Lecture 62 Colorful Product Ad - Part 1
Lecture 63 Colorful Product Ad - Part 2
Lecture 64 Colorful Product Ad - Part 3
Lecture 65 Colorful Product Ad - Part 4
Lecture 66 The question of stock photos & freebies in FB ads
Lecture 67 Vector Based Ad - Part 1
Lecture 68 Vector Based Ad - Part 2
Lecture 69 Vector Based Ad - Part 3
Lecture 70 Vector Based Ad - Part 4
Lecture 71 The Pros and Cons of People-based Facebook ads
Lecture 72 People-Based Facebook Ad - Part 1
Lecture 73 People-Based Facebook Ad - Part 2
Lecture 74 People-Based Facebook Ad - Part 3
Lecture 75 Best Facebook Ad Template - The Foundation
Lecture 76 Best Facebook Ad Template - The Details
Lecture 77 Conclusions
Section 7: Design Business Cards
Lecture 78 Introduction
Lecture 79 Colorful Business card for the CEO - The essentials
Lecture 80 Colorful Business card for the CEO - The details
Lecture 81 Colorful Business card for the CEO - Beautiful Icons
Lecture 82 What do 'simple' and 'clean' mean?
Lecture 83 Personal Branding Business Card
Lecture 84 Business Card Best Design Practices
Lecture 85 Corporate Business Card - Foundation
Lecture 86 Corporate Business Card - Icon Design
Section 8: Design Beautiful CVs (Resumes)
Lecture 87 CV (Curriculum Vitae) Designs in Today's Market
Lecture 88 Deciding on a CV style
Lecture 89 Setting the foundation of the CV
Lecture 90 Choosing a typeface - really important!
Lecture 91 Rocking Typography
Lecture 92 Gorgeous icons for your CV
Lecture 93 Staying consistent in your design
Lecture 94 Negative space in a CV design
Lecture 95 Creating a timeline for your CV
Lecture 96 Final Thoughts for the Clean CV Project
Section 9: Design Another Beautiful CV
Lecture 97 Creative CV Design
Lecture 98 Modern Typography for a Creative CV
Lecture 99 Use Freepik to make your CV stand out!
Lecture 100 How to adjust vectors and add detailed icons
Lecture 101 Fine-tuning the CV
Lecture 102 The last 10% that makes all the differences!
Section 10: Design Great Newsletters
Lecture 103 Newsletters in today's market
Lecture 104 Newsletter styles
Lecture 105 Colorful Newsletter in Mailchimp & Photoshop
Lecture 106 Create a catchy newsletter hero-element in Photoshop
Lecture 107 Adding extra details
Lecture 108 The most important element: the CTA
Lecture 109 Create effective layouts in Mailchimp
Lecture 110 Inserting new content in Mailchimp
Lecture 111 Balancing graphics with content
Lecture 112 Design overview
Section 11: Create Animated Newsletters

Lecture 113 Animated Newsletter in Mailchimp & Photoshop
Lecture 114 Create the product presentation in Photoshop
Lecture 115 Animating the product presentation - Method #1
Lecture 116 Animating the product presentation - Method #2
Lecture 117 Create the call to action
Lecture 118 Creating a gift design for the newsletter in Photoshop
Lecture 119 Animating the gift box - the lid
Lecture 120 Animating the gift box - the stars & text
Section 12: Graphic Design Analysis with Chris Barin
Lecture 121 Introduction
Lecture 122 Mazda 3 Launch Ad
Lecture 123 Travel Agency Templates - Good or bad?
Lecture 124 Original Design versus Templates
Lecture 125 Hiring People Through Beautiful Ads
Lecture 126 Premium Office Building Ad - Shocking!
Lecture 127 Huge Telecom Company Blunder!
Lecture 128 50% for 5%
Lecture 129 The reason why most designs are cluttered
Lecture 130 Clichés and Stereotypes in Graphic Design
Section 13: Printed Design: Indoor Ad Banner
Lecture 131 Introduction
Lecture 132 Everything's about the Style Guide
Lecture 133 Indoor Ad Banner: Laying things out
Lecture 134 Indoor Ad Banner: Typography & Layout
Lecture 135 Indoor Ad Banner: Styling
Lecture 136 Indoor Banner: Final touches & Conclusions
Lecture 137 Extras: Create an indoor ad banner mockup
Lecture 138 Section conclusions
Section 14: Printed Design: Product Catalogue
Lecture 139 Introduction
Lecture 140 Set up the catalogue project in Photoshop
Lecture 141 Styling the cover of the catalogue
Lecture 142 Fine-tuning the cover
Lecture 143 Add something extra to the cover
Lecture 144 Interior page style: Typography
Lecture 145 Interior page style: Layout
Lecture 146 Styling large amounts of text
Lecture 147 Interior pages overview
Lecture 148 Conclusions
Section 15: What you need to know about Logo Design
Lecture 149 The Truth About Logo Design
Lecture 150 Should you design logos as a freelancer?
Lecture 151 Creating logos in Photoshop
Lecture 152 The complexity behind a logo
Lecture 153 Gathering information
Lecture 154 Worst techniques for logo design
Lecture 155 Best techniques for logo design
Section 16: Final thoughts
Lecture 156 Do this before you start freelancing
Lecture 157 Final thoughts
Anyone who wants to learn Graphic Design and create beautiful content,Business owners and entrepreneurs who need all sorts of graphics for their projects,Bloggers, Youtubers, and content creators in general will benefit tremendously from this course

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