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Learn C# Scripting for Unity Game Development, Create your own 2D & 3D Games With Unity using C#

What you'll learn
Gain a solid understanding of C# & basic programming concepts
Learn C# scripting with practical examples in Unity
Learn object oriented programming concepts
Develop strong and transferrable problem solving skills

There are no prerequisites or requirements

C# is a powerful cross-platform language used to build a variety of applications. With C#, you can build mobile apps (for Windows, Android and iOS), games, websites and desktop applications.In this course you will learn the fundamentals of C# programming in a fun and clear, step-by-step manor. You will also learn best practices and shortcuts to help you become a better developer.If you want to learn C# and become a better programmer, this is the course for you. Learn not just what to do but why you do it. You will see common errors that pop up as part of developing applications with C# and we will guide you on just how to resolve them with ease.

Section 1: Getting Started
Lecture 1 Your Resources
Lecture 2 What you will learn
Lecture 3 c# and .NET explained
Lecture 4 Creating a free user account with Unity
Lecture 5 Downloading Unity Hub
Lecture 6 Install Unity App versions and start new project
Lecture 7 Setting up the workspace layout
Lecture 8 IDE options
Lecture 9 Setup / download Visual Studio
Lecture 10 Link Visual Studio to Unity
Lecture 11 Importing the Adventure Sample Game and Folder setup
Lecture 12 Importing the Corridor project
Section 2: Setup Example Project
Lecture 13 Folder Setup
Lecture 14 Explore the Console Panel
Lecture 15 Problem Solving in the console panel
Section 3: Getting into the code of things
Lecture 16 Anatomy of a Script
Lecture 17 Syntax basics
Lecture 18 Debug and String
Lecture 19 Variable Type
Lecture 20 Array
Lecture 21 List
Lecture 22 Array and list Inspector
Lecture 23 Enum (enumeration)
Lecture 24 Variable Attributes | Part 1
Lecture 25 Variable Attributes | Part 2
Lecture 26 Code example scene setup
Lecture 27 Arithmetic
Lecture 28 Shorthand Arithmetic
Lecture 29 Conditional - if else
Lecture 30 Conditional - if else if
Lecture 31 Conditional Ternary
Lecture 32 Multi Conditional and Expression

Lecture 33 Switch Case Basics
Lecture 34 Switch Case Enum
Lecture 35 Loop Basics
Lecture 36 Nested Loop
Lecture 37 While Loop
Lecture 38 Random Class
Lecture 39 Foreach
Section 4: Methods
Lecture 40 Method Structure
Lecture 41 Method and Parameter
Lecture 42 Method Overloading
Lecture 43 Method Return Values
Section 5: conclusion
Lecture 44 Wrap up what you learned
Anyone who wants to learn C# Scripting for Unity game development,Beginner C# developers who want to work in Unity,Anyone who wants to build games using C#

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