Published 11/2022
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An overview

What you'll learn
Define and categorize the IT industry
Know the IT industry value chain
Get familiar with evolution of IT industry and software development methodologies
Understand the important trends and jobs in IT
Information technology Industry, popularly known as IT is an inevitable part of our daily interactions. Loads of data and information flows across the networks everyday across the globe. Laptops, desktops, phones etc. have become a part of our daily routine. Let it be any industry - telecommunications, media, education automotive, retail, transport, healthcare etc, IT plays a very important role in shaping the customer interactions and business operations. Have you ever wondered how this industry works? If you are a beginner who has no prior knowledge of IT or even an existing IT professional who wants explore more, this course is right for you. It will provide you an high level overview of this trillion dollar huge industry. At the end of this course you will be able to:- Define and categorize the IT industry- Know the Information Technology industry value chain and learn how do different players interact with each other- Learn the different Information Technology industry governance frameworks such as ITIL, COBIT and ISO/IEC- Get familiar with the evolution of IT Industry and software development methodologies such as Agile, SAFe, Scrum, DevOps - Understand the important trends such as digital transformation and platforms and top jobs in IT industryPlease note that the final session of this course describes the top high paying and in-demand jobs in IT as per year 2022. This may not remain same and might change in future.
Section 1: Understanding the IT Industry
Lecture 1 IT Industry Classification
Lecture 2 Evolution of IT Industry
Lecture 3 Value Chain
Lecture 4 IT Governance Frameworks
Lecture 5 SaaS, PaaS, IaaS
Lecture 6 Evolution of Software Development Methodologies
Lecture 7 Role of IT in Digital Transformation
Lecture 8 Role of IT in Platforms

Lecture 9 Top Jobs in IT
Lecture 10 Conclusion
Beginners who have no prior knowledge of IT,Current IT professionals and students who want to seek high-level information on IT industry

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