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UUP Media Creator is a set of tools designed to help you scan, fetch updates from Microsoft own Unified Update Platform (UUP), and allow you to create medium out of it when an appropriate tool does not exist in the wild.

Right now the tooling includes
UUPDownload: Allows you to scan, fetch and download updates from UUP (Windows Desktop, Windows 10X, Windows Holographic, Windows Server, Windows Mobile, Windows IoT etc...)
UUPMediaConverter: Allows you to convert a downloaded UUP update for Windows Desktop into an usable ISO image to use in last decade DVD reader or simply mounted.
An experimental UWP front end is also provided, but is not the main focus for now.
CLI available
GUI available
Downloading files from UUP (UUPDownload)
Replaying past downloads from UUP (UUPDownload)
Decrypting ESRP payloads from UUP (UUPDownload)
Verifying downloaded payloads from UUP (UUPDownload)
Sample available builds from UUP (get-builds argument) (UUPDownload)
Converting Desktop UUP files to an ISO for one base edition (UUPMediaConverterCli)
Converting Desktop UUP files to an ISO for all possible editions (UUPMediaConverterCli)
Does not require administrative privileges for base edition ISO images
ISO Preinstallation Environment close to original (UUPMediaConverterCli)
ISO built by CDImage Mastering Utility with UDF and boot sector (UUPMediaConverterCli)

ARM64 Support (aka works on @sinclairinat0r device (TM))
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