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Develop foundations for IELTS with advanced grammar/listening/reading/speaking/writing skills - all in one

What you'll learn
Solid foundation for IELTS which insures 6.0+
Advanced grammar
Advanced Listening/Reading/Speaking skills
Developed world outlook with disciplined mindset
Developed self confidence
Practice real IELTS tests
Revision of every previous topic in every new lesson
Fun activities such as online games, surveys, physical activities to strenghten every new topic
Everyday Listening resources with new and interesting content
85% fun activities intending to strenghten the new knowledge, 5% explanation of the new lesson, 10% interactive homework

Elementary level English
Optional homework to do in every lesson

Advanced English courses with Mr Joseph mainly intend to bring convergence between simplicity and complexity and teach how to make use of simplicity in a professional way. During my 5-year experience in teaching English, i had students who focused on complexity in their speech/writing and got lower marks than expected but my students using simple words and structures got higher marks than expected. Then i decided to focus on both combined - simplicity and complexity. Then results starting with minimum 6,0 started to come out and reached up to 7,5 from IELTS in the first year only.This course concentrated on the very combination with 85%*of it being fun activities. It, meanwhile, prevents students from getting bored and helps remember everything mentioned in the course. Even the existence of hometasks could first create an image of boredom in ones mind but as you get familiar with how they are actually done, you never want to miss one. Also, the course focuses on developing listening skills more and provides you with different audios at the end of every lesson as it is a backbone for learning any new language. How a child learns to speak?*By listening to you plenty of hours. If you can do the same with around 700 hours in listening to English language, you can achieve fluency and naturally higher marks in Speaking/listening sections of IELTS."It is better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times"

Who this course is for
Students wanting to get IELTS certifications,Students with a desire to be successfull in learning English,All students,Students wanting a new and different teaching style,Those wanting to excel in English in short period of time


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