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free download thoughtformsandtulpas from thoughtformsandtulpas
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Thread: free download thoughtformsandtulpas from thoughtformsandtulpas

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    Thumbs up free download thoughtformsandtulpas from thoughtformsandtulpas

    free download thoughtformsandtulpas from thoughtformsandtulpas
    Imagine that this genie possesses unlimited spiritual power and will obey your every command, acting exclusively under your instructions to bring you everything in the world that you desire...

    Dear Friend,

    This might sound like an impossible fairy-tale, but I know differently. Here I will explain how you too can begin living the life of your dreams by learning to unleash and control the infinite spiritual power which lies dormant within you, but first allow me to introduce myself more fully.

    My name is Daniel Keaton and I have been interested in metaphysics and spirituality for as long as I can remember. Over the years I have studied the law of attraction, astrology, positive thinking, rituals, chakras, salt-magic, candle-magic, ready-made talismans and a whole number of other ideas. What I was looking for was something that would help me to escape the clutches of the nine-to-five rat race and start living a life filled with prosperity, romance, peace and happiness. Unfortunately, despite the fact that the philosophies I studied were uplifting and positive, they didn't seem to work in the real world.

    I was on the verge of giving up my quest for a metaphysical philosophy which produced tangible results when I came across a volume entitled, 'The Miracle Secret'. This manual explained how anyone could unleash and control the God-Power within them by following five simple steps. Naturally, I was sceptical, but I was also intrigued enough to give the method a try. After all, what did I have to lose?

    Amazingly, the method worked!

    The crux of the method was the creation of something called thought-forms. These are spiritual blueprints which, when charged correctly with spiritual energy, manifest themselves on the material plane. I began by creating the thought-form of $100 in crisp bank notes. A week later, my thought-form manifested itself and the $100 came into my possession! It was a truly incredible experience.

    From that point on, I used thought-forms to improve every aspect of my life, but there was still something nagging at the back of my mind. I had a feeling that creating 'miracles' should be a whole lot easier. The main problem I had with thought-forms was the amount of 'servicing' they required. I was of the opinion that creating miracles shouldn't involve a lot of daily meditations, visualizations or affirmations. Instead it should simply be a matter of unleashing the power within me and setting it to work - automatically.

    I began studying the field in greater detail. I looked at the traditional teachings about thought-forms. I spoke with acknowledged experts in the field - including the author of The Miracle Secret manual. I researched the use of angels, demons, elementals and other spirit beings. What I wanted to know was this: Could I create a thought-form in the likeness of a human being and then get that thought-form to do my bidding totally independent of me?

    The answer, which came after many months of study and experimentation, was yes!

    I call my animated thought-form my 'genie' because it is - for all intents and purposes - much like the genie which Aladdin used to transform himself from street-urchin to prince in the traditional Arabian tale. It is a being of infinite spiritual power - humanoid in form - which obeys my every command without question. Whenever I want something to happen, or whenever I want to obtain a material possession, I simply call on my genie and get him to take care of it!

    Now in other cultures my genie might be referred to as an angel or helper, and older traditions refer to a humanoid thought form as a Tulpa, but what you call it doesn't really matter. What matters is that my genie gets results - fast and automatically!

    Consider the time when I was facing a cash emergency. Instead of creating a slow-working thought-form, I set my genie to work. Within twenty four hours money was flowing into my life from all directions - people phoned me to ask if I wanted to take on some work; an unexpected cheque came through the post; I even had a modest win on the lottery without even trying!

    Another time I was having difficulty dealing with a stubborn businessman who wouldn't pay what he owed me. Again, instead of creating a traditional thought-form (as I would have in the past) I simply told my genie what to do. Within a week the businessman gladly paid his debt and he gave me more work!

    I hadn't really thought about sharing what I call The Aladdin Secret until I tried explaining my methods to a friend in need. Since he lived out of town I had to sit down and teach him the whole process of genie-work in a detailed, step-by-step fashion. It took a while, but it helped my friend to turn his situation around quite dramatically, and so I started thinking about helping other people too.

    The result is that I wrote a home study manual called - surprisingly enough - The Aladdin Secret, and I am now offering you the chance to start making your dreams come true using the methods I discovered.
    The Aladdin Secret explains, step-by-step...

    • How to create a genie using the latent spiritual power within you. Your genie can be male or female and can have any physical characteristics you want it to have. One of my more 'worldly' friends has created a six foot tall blue-eyed blonde genie in what he calls 'the Baywatch style' and he seriously tells me that she is quite something!

    • How to command your genie to get results - fast. Whether you want a new home, car, lover, increased health, success at the race track or anything else, you genie can help you get it!

    • How to interact with your genie. You can do an awful lot with your genie - hold conversations, receive spiritual teaching, and much more - the list is endless.

    • How to summon your genie. Sometimes when your genie is already at work for you, you may need to summon him or her and give new commands or instructions. If this is the case then you will need to know how to summon your genie quickly, and that is what this section reveals.

    • Additional instructions. How to create a virtual army of genies for vast spiritual power and control. How to issue emergency commands to your genie in times of great need. How to treat your genie or genies with care and respect to ensure their continued loyalty to you.

    If the idea of having your very own 'genie' still sounds a little unbelievable then please remember that we are not talking about some fantastical cartoon character. What we are talking about is a Tulpa - a being of infinite supernatural power, humanoid in form, which exists only to do your bidding. If calling this being an 'angel' or simply 'spirit being' helps you to take the subject matter more seriously then please feel free to use one of these terms.

    download here

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    Hi, Rambo this looks cool, is it true?

    Great post I might try it out I will let You know if this works.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank View Post
    Hi, Rambo this looks cool, is it true?

    Great post I might try it out I will let You know if this works.


    yes for me

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    I can΄t download it.

    Any advise?



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